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Lammas 2015                                                Aquarius Full Moon


We are honoured that you are here with us                                                at this holy time.

May endless abundant blessings flow to all!!

We are enduring.

I needed some time for me this year, and withdrew from “Prison World Adam” for about 3 months to devote to taking care of me:  Dawnee Yogini.


During this time, I received a wonderful new spiritual teacher, Rikka, and joined her amazing class, Infinite Abundance.  I received a wise counsellor and home play partner who healed our separation.  Thank you, Julien Reid!!!  Thank you Rikka for teaching us about abundant endless healing over the past 11 weeks.  We are truly grateful.


Sad to say,

Adam’s life was violently violated in June when another man who was supposed to be handcuffed, had a cuff key, and a knife; attacked him from behind while he was cuffed and chained up, left unattended somewhere convenient.  Then the officers maced him 2x and batoned him 3x after mercilessly throwing him to the ground.  Then they rushed him to the hospital in an ambulance where surgeons sweated for hours to save his life.

Thank the Divine!!  He choose to live,

in spite of the crushing life he is forced to live each and every day for 21 years in a cement cage, often locked in with another hurt being; often in the hole being cruelly punished for fighting in an instigated set-up fight.  And blamed.  He is so endlessly blamed.  I am sorry for this harsh reality.


Then they gave him a write up for fighting.

He has been in the hole for 14 months now.  This is very boring, stifling, hot, joyless, cruel and unusual inhumane treatment.

Adam is recovering well, & sent me a miraculous card of appreciation with beautiful flowers & colors.  He truly is a miracle.


He is blessed that he has received the return of a beautiful angel who guided him while he was captive in the Salinas Valley State Prison.  She is Dr. Torrez, a kind and compassionate psychotherapist who transferred to SAC, where he is now.  They have not seen each other for about 5 years.  She said that he has “sharpened up”.

Needless to say, this has hurt me deeply to see my Beloved being treated like this.  I have written to the warden 2x, to Human Rights Watch, to Governor of CA, the Office of the Inspector General, & the Office of Internal Affairs.

Adam is inflamed with Self-love to state his case of neglect & is reaching out to attorneys for guidance.

Let us pray together for his release from this warehousing now.  May miracle after miracle bless him, as he wriggles out of this old worn out snake skin and into his new peaceful joyful life.

May all Goddesses and Gods bless him and guide him!  May he surrender to his ultimate Greatest Good!

Thank you to Danita and Mimi for sharing my agony.  Our deep endless gratitude to all of our familia for comforting us.  My daughter Hannah is a profound spiritual support for me, as is my joyful granddaughter, Camila.


My beautiful Dolphin God deserves freedom now,                                             not one second more of cruel degradation.

I am praying with the dolphins now for his miraculous release.  Thank you to all who guide me to Dophinize my energy.

May all benefit from his well deserved freedom!!!!


Spring Equinox


Every blessing for this powerful transforming time              with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse.                                        We are honoured that you are here with us now.

Here is a drawing that Adam created after he settled into his new routines.  He expresses Turtle Medicine.

He has been very fortunate to see two old friends from Salinas Valley State Prison:  Dr. Torrez and Cuba.

She is kind and compassionate doctor who listened to him and helped him many times when he got into troubles.  She offered him comfort in a world of whirling violent chaos.  She stopped by his cell for a visit one day.  What a blessing of Divine Love light in his bleak world.

He met Cuba, an elderly Cuban, one day as he was being transported by a guard with his hands cuffed and legs shackled, as he must always be since he is being punished in Ad Seg for 10 months now.  They spent many months together locked in a cell and developed an affectionate father-son relationship.  Perhaps they can meet again when Adam is released from the hole.


Amazingly enough, Adam has access to some pastels, 5 at a time, during his art class.  I am grateful to receive his loving focus and attentions.

He is doing well adapting to the programs that are available to him.  He is also deeply lonely for his family and touch.  May he receive all that he desires and is so very worthy of.

We continue to be grateful to all who guide and support us, here in the real world, and from the spirit world.  May all benefit.


Candlemas 2015


Every blessing of Divine Love light.                                                                                         We are honoured that you are here with us now.

Adam was doing well with his new art lessons when he was abruptly moved to a new prison in Represa, CA.  We both moved during this time of darkness.  This photo is from our memorable visit 2 years ago.  I have only touched and seen Adam 8 times in the past 9 years.  This is extremely challenging for me.

He wrote me of his first 2 nights in the hole.  The officers left him a stinky wet mattress to sleep on.  The next day, they brought him one in worse condition.  After 2 nights sleeping on the dirty smelly concrete floor, they brought him a new mattress.                              He watched the officers laughing as they sprayed some mace on an uncooperative inmate.  And smelled the fumes of this toxic punishment.                                                                                          There was a lot of action in this dungeon of stinky horror with crazy men screaming and kicking the doors.

I wrote an email to Elizabeth Calvin at Human Rights Watch and cried.  It’s all too overwhelmingly horrific to believe.

He met his new warden on January 5th, at his committee meeting.  He is now being punished for refusing a cellmate who is incompatible with him, at Mule Creek.

He is hungry.  He is fed the bare minimum of the worst food.

He is grateful to have a class every day during the week to get out of the cell for a few hours.  He does have yard time in back to back cages.  He is meeting some Canadian Geese there.  They are permanent residents, and free to fly whenever they want to.

Once again, Adam is surviving the harsh cruel punishments of CA’s rehabilitation of youth.  I am grateful that he is still alive in such a violent and dangerous and filthy place.

We are staying strong in our visions of expressing our true potential.  I am asking Adam to express himself more; and become clear and focused on his Greatest Good.

We had the good fortune of receiving Tantric teachings from all these wise yoginis in book & video form. Thank you Sarita, Layla Martin, Bernadette Vallely, Cassandra Lorius, Devi Veenanad, Margot Anand, Pema Chodron, and Diana Richardson.  What a blessing these teachings are, as we continue to heal our sacred sexual selves.  I love the breast meditations!!

I’m enjoying my new simple living space with abundant gardens around.  I feel so truly blessed and well cared for by my family, community, country, and the Divine Mother/Father.  I am always learning to take better care of me.

Thank you to our dear friend, David A. Argon, for his ongoing enthusiasm and support of Adam.  We are deeply appreciative.

Every blessing for blooming with spring.  Here in Victoria, BC we are starting our spring blossoms early.  It is heavenly.  Always sending Heaven On Earth to Adam . . .

May all benefit.



Winter Solstice                                             Dark Moon                                                      2014


Every blessing of Divine Love light.  We are honoured that you are here with us during this time of darkness, as we let go of our fears and open to the light.

Adam was planning on phoning me this week.  Then “nature” changed his course.  He got in a fight with an officer and had an exciting adventure out of the boring old hole to a hospital where they diagnosed him as depressed and anxious and gave him pills to take.  He is back in Ad Seg again.  He did get to experience a “holiday” of having his cell all to himself for 2 months.  This is  rare in an overcrowded prison system.

Adam wishes he would be out here learning about computers and marketing Heal Your Sacred Sexual Self.  He did talk to the psychiatrists that saw him about his passion and wisdom.

We are flowing along in love whole-heartedly.  We are clear with our intentions, and endlessly patient and compassionate.

I’m working on 2 blogs:  tsu and facebook.  This is fulfilling as I love to do this work; and people are responding!!!


We are so very grateful for all the teachers who are guiding us each and every day.  Bless and praise them in all ways.

I am joyful and full of gratitude for my 3 grandchildren who keep me child-like and active.  My lovely step-daughter Casey, and her Love God, Dan, have thrilled us all with the news of a new cousin.  Adam loves kids.  I am grateful that he is a devoted family man.

It’s so hard and frustrating for him to be away from us locked in a cage.  When will he be free??  Our hearts await that fateful day.

We love to express our deepest gratitude to my parents:  Betty and Bill Matejka for their compassionate support.  Dad celebrates his 87th birthday in a few days.  They still live on the family farm that he was born on, in the house that he built with my Mom over 60 years ago.  He goes out every day to do a few chores.  They lead a busy community life attending many celebrations of life, supporting old friends as they grieve.

Thank you to all of you for supporting and encouraging us this past year.  We are eternally grateful.  Feel our Divine Love light radiating joyful and bright, no matter what.                                          Yes!!  Yes!!!!


American Thanksgiving


This is what Adam and I envision doing to celebrate a vegan Thanksgiving.  We are honoured that you are here with us today.


Adam has been creating beauty from his isolated cave.  I created the colour.  I am so very grateful for his devotion and talents.  May hummingbird medicine bless us as we wait patiently to receive our Dreams Come True.


Another miraculous piece of artwork from the passionate inspired Adam Loya.  I am so grateful to live in BC on a peaceful clean island.  We are very fortunate to have so many trees left.

We are joyful to hear of the creation of 2 new babies in our family! Adam’s brother, Roman, & his wife, Mimi, are welcoming a new one next spring.  My “daughter” Casey, who lives on Hornby Island with a wonderful man, Dan, are revealing their joy to us now.

I live the life of a wealthy Baba here in Victoria, with 3 fabulous fun-filled grandkiddies:  Parnell, 5, Mazen, 3 and Camila, 1.  Adam loves children and visits them in spirit.  Parnell sometimes asks:  “Is he still in jail?”

Yes, sad to say he is.  We are praying passionately for his way to be clear to move to Humbolt Recovery Centre to continue his recovery.  We love the Eureka area.

We are studying “Healing Love through the Tao” by Mantak Chia, a most inspiring courageous spiritual teacher of sacred sexuality.  We are so truly grateful for his guidance and support over the many years.

We are learning about creating on Facebook, as guided by our fabulous coach, Brendon Buchard.  Bless and praise him in all ways.  Thank you to each and every one who has helped us over the past year to birth Heal Your Sacred Sexual Self.  Adam is an inspired marketing man, with abundant wisdom to share with a world full of ignorant & wounded people.

We have so many creative ideas for our future, such as videos and writing children’s books.


Thank you to the Ancestors who guide us.                             Ometeotl.

Samhain 2014


We are honoured that you are here with us now.

Adam sent me this beautiful card full of peace and joy.  He has been living the luxurious life of being alone in his cell, which creates a holiday like atmosphere in his life.

Miraculously enough he has made amends with the man whose tragic mistake changed his life drastically forever.  Ramon communicated his sincere apology and prayers for a better future to Adam via a “kite”.  This is a message on paper passed through bars by other helpful inmates.  Adam wrote back to him and offered his forgiveness.  This is the first time that they have seen and communicated with each other since they were so cruelly convicted 20 years ago.  They were casual friends at the time.  Now they are deeply spiritual wise men who are supporting and encouraging each other as they walk out the door as Lifers into a whole New Reality.  Bless and praise them in all ways!!!  They have come a long way!!


Adam always signatures his cards on the back with a smiling Tortuga.  His name in prison culture has been Turtle, a nickname he had as a youth in southern CA.

We are so very grateful to his family members for writing to their amazing brother and Tio.  Thank you Lisa for transforming your life.  Best of luck with your studies.  Thank you Volleyball Captain Elizabeth for your colourful letters.  Thank you Peeps for sharing your challenges with Adam.

Thank you to Mimi for her great writing on Facebook, which I love too.  She is a passionate writer and photographer.  I love her family photos of Roman, Gardenia, Merlin, Misty, and Laurence!!

Every blessing to my loving family and friends who listen to and care with me.

We are working away creating content on our Facebook page, as well as studying marketing with Brendon Burchard and Marie Forleo.  Such amazing creative loving people.  We are striving to meet their high standards of service.  We would love to be creating videos too!

We are awakening to the teachings of Ardhanarishvara.  Thank you for the teachings of  Divine Feminine equal to the Divine Masculine.


We are prepared to take a quantum leap into New Realities as Adam moves out of MCSP into the very best Recovery Centre for him now.  We love Humbolt Recovery Centre.  May abundant blessings flow.


We are envisioning creating a Temple of Divine Love with a vegan kitchen and animal sanctuary upon his graduation from the Recovery Centre.  Please join with us holding hands in a circle of love as we generously share our joyful peaceful safe sacred space.  Hear the wind chimes and the fountains running.  See Adam’s puppy.  See Adam surrounded by green, wood, and colourful materials from all over the world.  Rest assured that Adam and Dawnee are financially secure now.  Smell the white sage incense as we pray for all those who are sexually abused and exploited.

Thank you to the Ancestors who guide us.

May all reclaim their innocence. Ometeotl.


Thanksgiving in Canada


We are honoured that you are here with us now.

Adam created this beautiful card expressing our gratitude to my Mom and Dad, who live on the family farm in Alberta.  My dad was born there to Czech parents.  My mom was born in the same area.  They are 86 now and still very active and compassionate. Truly inspiring people in many ways.

I coloured the card that Adam created in black and white.  His life is severely restricted right now.  I enjoyed immensely working with him to create this beauty to share with my parents.

Last week I received the shocking news from the Assistant Warden that Adam is being punished for other people’s drug addictions (bullying) and is in the hole for 6-12 months.  They are threatening to send him to another prison, near Fresno.

I was on fire with passionate activism.  I woke up at 2:30 am to write to the warden, assistant warden and his counsellor.  I sent copies of the letter to Human Rights Watch and Cares for Youth.  We know that it is time for Adam to come out of prison and into a recovery centre in Eureka.  He has been locked in a cage blamed for someone else’s crime for 20 years now.  This is enough.  I ask for the support and encouragement of all mothers and grandmothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, sons, grandfathers, nephews, nieces, and friends.  We are focused on Adam receiving freedom now.


I’m looking forward to feeding Adam abundant leafy greens.  His body temple is sure gonna be happy to be released!  and fed the best pure organic food.


I’m sure that he is very hungry for fresh leafy greens.  hee hee hee  We love to laugh together as much as possible.  I started up Laughter Yoga again last week after hearing about Adam’s long cruel sentence.  It is painful for me to see him being tortured and relentlessly punished like this.

Luckily we have survival skills which enable us to stay connected in the face of all oppression.  It is spiritual nourishment.  We are learning so much about this amazing healing tool.  I was guided to one of our favourite Tantra texts:  Sexual Energy Ecstasy.  I was inspired to practice pompoir, an ancient practice of inner dancing with the Goddess’ vagina around the God’s vajra in stillness.  In spirit, I shared these prayers of bliss with Adam.  This Ritual of Love has connected us so deeply.  My womb feels healed, creative, healthy, open.  And I am very juicy and flowing . . .  Thank you Love God.

We are cleansing with 7 Herbs incense.  We are listening to Deva Premal and Miten with Manose:  Mantras for Precarious Times.  We are learning to protect ourselves with thoughts of joy and peace.  The past is forgiven and forgotten.  We are free in this moment.  We dream big.  We practice gratitude.  We radiate Divine Love light to all.

Yesterday, I was blessed to receive more Tantric teachings from a powerful magnetic earth centre at  Lake Atilan, Guatamala.  Thank you so very much Kaivalya Yoga Ashram.


Every blessing of Divine Love light.  We are so very grateful for your encouragement and support.  Ometeotl.


“Its time we saw sex as the truly sacred art that it is.                       A deep meditation,                                                                                          a holy communion                                                                                     and a dance with the force of creation.”                                                                                                  Jewels Wingfield @ Living Love

 Fall Equinox Blessings


Every blessing of the season!  We are honoured that you are here with us now.

It has truly been a month of celebration.  So many family visits!!  We have been  blessed to receive my sister, Yamaya, here in Victoria for a few days from Hawaii.  Then, my beloved granddaughter, Camila, was here with her parents Hannah and Raul, from Mexico.  Semila and Elias, also from PV, Jalisco were  here for some fun times with Mazen and Parnell.  Raul’s beautiful ballerina sister surprised us with a quick visit with her 1 year old son, Gabrielle, from Calgary, AB.

We have had the immense joy of reconnecting with Mimi and Roman, Adam’s brother and sister-in-law, on Facebook.  We welcome their amazing children Gardenia, 2, Merlin, 12, Misty, 11, and a mystery brother back into our awareness and Divine Love light.  Adam is always so happy to hear about his family.

He is overjoyed to receive letters from his sister Lisa and niece, Elizabeth.

This is a picture of our favourite lake for swimming, renamed Durga for the Goddess.  We love swimming!  Lakes are so pure and refreshing.  Thank you Mother Earth for this great blessing.

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of flowers for Adam to share with his friends for their loved ones.  Now he is creating a garden in his cell!!  What a welcome change from concrete and steel.

September 13 was a day of mourning for us, as Adam was incarcerated 20 years ago that day.  Living in a cage for 20 years is certainly an extreme survival challenge.  And he is so amazingly loving and compassionate after all this suffering.  What a paradox!!  I do find him challenging to fathom.

We humbly give our deepest gratitude to all who support us.  May all benefit without one exception.



Happy 36th Birth Day Adam


August 29th.

We are honoured that you are here with us now.

Adam is doing amazingly well in quiet confinement.  He is enjoying reading a lot and expanding his communication skills.  He is engrossed in Osho, our Beloved Tantric teacher.  We are so very grateful for his wisdom guiding us.

He is also studying Lisa Nichols “No Matter What”, an inspiring Mass Motivator.   And Louise Hay has co-authored a beautiful book with Florence Shinn which is inspiring him with affirmations.

He has fallen in love with my granddaughter Camila, now 8 months young and full of abundant joy!

We are praying to Infinite Spirit to open the way for the Divine Design in our lives to manifest.  Let us see clearly the perfect plan.  Thank Divine Love in all ways for providing our supply.

A high light in our lives was receiving a message from Adam’s brother via his wonderful wife Mimi.  She complimented us on our beautiful book, and shared how it had reignited their relationship.  Sexual healing does that.  It is juicy!!!

Thank you to all of our familia for honoring Adam’s 36th Birthday and 20 years of incarceration in a CA state warehouses.  In spite of this horrific lifestyle and oppression, Adam is radiating Divine Love light to all of you:  Sarat, Violet Lori, Hannah, Jamara, Casey, Charis, Jeremy, Parnell, Momo, Gramma Barbie, Yamaya, Camila, Mazie, Raul, Georgina, Paul Anthony, David, Roselea, Peeps, Betty, Bill, Art, and all our students of Heal Your Sacred Sexual Self.

I am proud to share with you a profound essay that Adam has written:

Love is a mystery . . .

Love is a fluctuation of unpredictable thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.  When love is here, everything seems great.  When it is gone, everything seems meaningless.

Love is one word with different meanings and perspectives:  ordinary and spiritual.  The ordinary love is a demand of selfish desires and wants.  It is pretentious.  Spiritual Love has no boundaries.  It is unconditional.  It does not pretend.  It does not demand.  It nourishes.

Love is pain constantly transforming.  Each stage of love awakens insecurities and absolute unfamiliarities:  the unknown.  This is like a seeded mutation that is constantly being birthed into new aspects.

Love is fire.  It burns from deep within.  To quench this fire one must first learn to love oneself.  When we are hurt, we can look within to heal, nourish, and love the wounded child.  Then we are able to love another in full.

So many people live a loveless life because they were never taught to love themselves first.  They live their lives wastefully being led nowhere, never finding true love within themselves.  Others continue searching to be loved.  Is this why we love?  To be loved in return?  Is this love truly authentic?  Or is it a selfish giving in order to gain?

Is this the burning pain of love?  What are the boundaries in the words “I love you”?

Deep within, we want to be loved.  This is the real thing:  we want to be loved.  So we love in order to be loved.

Love is a mystery.  It fluctuates in its perspective.

Adam Loya  August 2014



Lammas 2014


Here we are in our crystal clear visions.  Adam is free to be in nature with me now.  Beautiful relaxing healing nature.  We are honoured that you are here with us.

Adam is adapting well to his new confinement.  It is better than what he has survived in other prisons.  His celly is kind and generous.  I did get a letter back from the warden assuring me that Adam had a bed and the basic amenities.  He also kindly gave me a phone number of his assistant to call for further concerns.

The heat is intense living in a cement and steel cage.  This is a cruel form of torture. At least he has access to water and can bath and cool down.  They have a huge reservoir of fresh water to maintain this prison.  What if all these resources were spent on children, like all the child refugees at the Mexican border?

Anyway, Adam is studying some wonderful books by Osho, Lisa Nichols, Louise L. Hay, Florence Scovel Shinn, Brendon Burchard, and Paulo Coelho.  He is exercising vigorously.  He is transforming his inner self to become the New Free Adam, his New Reality.  He is eagerly waiting to hear from the Parole Board for his Hearing Date.

I am encouraging and supporting him to talk to the PB every day, to prepare himself for this most challenging situation.  We are praying, affirming, and creatively visualizing that my way be made open to visit Adam this fall.  It has been 1.5 years since we saw each other.  He deserves to have human touch to support him as he transforms into a whole new exciting world.

I asked Adam to write me a Love Letter to himself:

“Dear Adam,

Hey you.  I am writing to you this letter now to tell you I love you.  I want only the best for you always Adam because I love you and it hurts me to see you endure all that you ever have since you were a small child.

You do not deserve to be treated like this Adam.  You deserve only the bestest of the very bestest.  Take care of yourself.  Be good.  Stay away from all the negative people and negative self talk.  Remember to push the positive button on the right side of your forehead to start the positive  CD player.  I love you.”

This is a teaching from Lisa Nichols in her book “No Matter What”.

We pray for change.  We are willing to change.

Thank you to all who have supported us during this transition time.  We are truly blessed.  Ometeotl


Summer Solstice 2014


We are honoured to be here with you now celebrating 8 years of Romantic Love.

Yes, we courageously rose up in love 8 years ago.  I remember how shy Adam was to express his feelings of attraction to me.  He was concerned that I might consider him too young.  I was amazed that he didn’t reject me as “too old”.  I am 24.5 years older than him.  We have gone through years of anguish about this, and finally are very accepting of our age difference.  What can we do about it?!!

I received a very sad letter from Adam a week ago.  The officers at MCSP came into his cell and said “cuff up Loya” His words are: “so they take me to the cage and strip me out and said I was going to the hole for an investigation. . . they put me in this awful cell with no bed bunks, locker or “nothing”.  I’m right here laying on the cement floor as I write to you. . .”

He has nothing and has to sleep on the cement floor. He is having anxiety attacks.  I wrote to Cares for Youth, the Governor of CA, and the warden.

“Oh my God!! My Beloved is in a SHU torture unit. So much for respect for human dignity. Why doesn’t he even have a bed to sleep on??? and he is facing 90 days for investigation??  The UN standards suggest that more than 15 days in this type of punishment amounts to torture.”

And so I express my grief, distress, and horror.  And we are resilient and continue to survive in spite of all obstacles.

We look for the light in the darkness.  He has time to meditate and creatively visualize.  We are studying with Lisa Nichols, an amazing Creative Visualization teacher.  We are so very grateful for her guidance.

I am continuing to study marketing with our awesome teachers:  Trent Jesse, Brendon Buchard, Marie Forleo, and now Jeff Walker.  Thank you to each and every one of them for their generous guidance.

We are working together to comprehend the Parole Board Guide which Elizabeth Calvin at Human Rights Watch sent us.  The PB would like to see Adam going to a transition centre.  I was guided by Dennis at Cares For Youth to look at the recovery centres in CA, and was most attracted to Humbolt Recovery Centre in Eureka.  I have emailed them Adam’s story.  We would love to receive their support.  Please pray with us that his way is open to join them asap.

He has not received any notification of a parole date as yet.  We are praying for funds to pay for the best attorney to guide him to freedom now.

I am full of desire to visit him as soon as I can.  We are so very grateful for the wonderful 8 days of visits that we have had in the past 8 years.

We are delighted that Adam’s nephew, Peeps, is now communicating with him.  He’ll be 18 next week and plans to visit Adam.  Every blessing for his safe journey.

Adam and Dawnee Loya continue to create and grow, in spite of all obstacles.  Every blessing of Divine Love light.



Earth Day 2014




Every blessing of Divine Love light. We are honoured that you are here with us now.

Our affirmation this month is:

“We expand to success, love and abundance every day, as we inspire others to do the same.” (Gay Hendricks)

Adam finally got his book and is integrating his new lifestyle as an expert of healing sexual dis-ease. Good thing that he is young and strong, we have a lot of hard work ahead of us.

Miraculously enough, he sold his first book, to his psychologist!! May abundant blessings continue to flow to us as we learn about marketing ourselves, our art, and our passion.

We have posted 2 of his panos for sale on Ebay.

We now have 2 websites: and We are currently offering audios, juicy content on our blogs, a newslettre, and healing sessions on Skype. Thank you to the wonderous internet for expanding our world immensely.

We are tremendously grateful to all those who guide us. Thank you Joe Vitale and the Miracle Coaching program. Thank you Louise L. Hay for introducing us to the astounding coach, Brendon Burchard. Thank you Marie Forleo for endless fun around creating our business. Thank you Adam Braun for The Promise of a Pencil, inspiring change. Thank you Lisa Sasevich for guiding us to learn “sassy” skills for becoming speakers. Thank you for all the brilliant people who are teaching us about this fascinating new world of online marketing. We love learning new things!!! This is just the job that Adam needs as he walks out the door of 20 years in a cage!!!! What a story!

Thank you to my generous family for supporting us during this transforming time for Adam and I. Please see Adam walking out of Mule Creek State Prison a free man now.

“Change is gonna come.” (Seal)

Thank you to Sarita, Amma, Madre, V-day and Stopthedemand for courageously changing the world. Our gratitude to Amber Hartnell of Orgasmolution for her “Anchoring into the Womb Field” meditation. We are honoured to be transforming with the times. May all benefit from our radiant Divine Love light.



Spring Equinox 2014

8 years since I met Adam via the mail.  He was stuck in a lot of nasty negative old patterns, and now he has co-authored a healing resource

He is still waiting to hear about a Parole Board hearing that determines his worthiness to receive freedom.  Thank you to Human Rights Watch for changing the law this year.  We are tremendously grateful for this awesome transformation.

 Meanwhile, he is slaving away as a scullery servant for $.13/hour and managing somehow to keep the faith that life is changing for him now.

He writes beautiful Love Letters to me every week, and we sometimes get to talk on the phone when they have enough staff.

He just sent me a lovely card with a pink orchid on it which he traded with a poor man for a couple of packages of soup.  “As always I pour forth all of my eternal love to you . . .”

I am so thankful for his love which is so devoted and pure.

We continue to affirm our intentions for his freedom each and every day and night.  May Divine Love light guide us and bless us always.

We are so very grateful for all the support and encouragement we are receiving now for our joyful book baby:  Heal Your Sacred Sexual Self.  I am working away on learning marketing skills and have started a group funding campaign on Indiegogo.  The wonderful attentive staff at

Miracle Coaching are guiding me to create multiple streams of income with another project that I love:  Miraculous Meditations.

Bless and praise our familia and all our ancestors who brought us to this challenging place.  Thank you deeply and completely to all who support us.

May we all be one with the Prospering Power of the Universe.



Happy New Year 2014
Year of the Horse~~ Adam’s Power Year


Adam is full of love and gratitude as he receives his copies of our book published by Balboa Press.  What a miracle.

We are joyfully celebrating the birth of our granddaughter, Camila Yamanik Aurora Orozco Blossom.  She is 1 month young and preparing to fly to Mexico for some sun!!

Adam is patiently waiting to hear from the special parole board created by Human Rights Watch.  We affirm, pray, and visualize that this is his year to walk out of the creek into a New Reality.  He can do it!

We are tremendously grateful to all who have brought us to this place.  My parents, Betty and Bill Matejka in Alberta, have been generously supporting us to transform our lives.

My wonderful generous daughters and their kind-hearted husbands have encouraged us always.

We are honoured to received the teachings of the kupuna from Ihaleakala Hew Len and Mabel Katz. We love Ho’oponopono.  Thank you ancestors for your guidance.

Thank you Joe Vitale, as you wisely guide us in our new business:  May all benefit without one exception.

Thank you Louise L. Hay for creating Balboa for us.

Thank you sacred Earth Mother for feeding us abundant nurturing food.

Thank you for the blessings for our family, Divine Mother/Father.

Thank you dear courageous friends for supporting and encouraging us.

Thank you All That Is for miracle after miracle flowing to us now.


Summer Solstice 2013

Adam and Dawnee are celebrating 7 years of opening our hearts.
We are so truly joyful and grateful.

Our prayers were answered by Wayne Dyer guiding Dawnee with
“Excuses Begone.”

She courageously traveled to Mule Creek State Prison to celebrate Winter Solstice 2012,Christmas, and Happy New Year 2013  with her Beloved.  We were truly in a state of bliss.  The staff were so nice there.  Little did we know that soon we would be creating a book together.

In February, Dawnee received an email from Louise L. Hay offering her the opportunity to open a new chapter in her life with Balboa Press. Since she has been writing a book for a couple of decades, this was an alluring offer.  Balboa has been so supportive & warm guiding us. Adam created a beautiful painting for the cover, which has already been scanned to them.  Now we are facing editing.  What a challenge!  So creative!
Thank you to Mimi, Roman & family for their support with Free Adam Loya.
Thank you to Elizabeth Calvin at Human Rights Watch for introducing Fair Sentencing for Youth to CA.
Thank you to Balboa Press for guiding us to heal ourselves & all.
Thank you to Dawnee’s family for their awesome support & prayers.


Fall Equinox 2012

Om Namah Shivaya
Adam & I would love to express our gratitude to Amma for introducing us 6.5 years ago.
Adam received a message from a friend to write to Circle of Love Inside & registered to receive lettres of spiritual guidance.
I was looking at Amma’s website, wondering how I could serve this Beloved Saint.
She gave me my seva: writing lettres of spiritual support to prisoners.
Little did I know what an education on compassion lay ahead of me.
I have always been a Human Rights Activist. I grew up in Alberta, speaking up for compassionate attitudes towards the Indigenous people there. I live in another country, north of the USA, called Canada. I live in a lovely small city called Victoria, which is near Seattle.
We would also love to express our gratitude to all our spiritual teachers who have guided us.
Our deepest thanks to the Dalai Lama, Pema Chodron & all teachers of Tibetan Buddhism who have guided us in many meditations.
Thank you for the courageous Swami Radha, who introduced Hindu teachings of Yoga & the Light Meditation.
We are grateful to all the Tantric, Taoist & Toltec guides who help us always.
We are thankful to the Shamans of Peru for guiding us with their healing wisdom.
We are grateful to the ancestors of all who have gone before us, & those who have lived on the Sacred Mother where we now reside. Vancouver Island has an abundant wealth of First Nations traditions & art. We are enriched by all these cultures.
We are so very thankful to Louise L. Hay for transforming our minds to think more joyfully, with the wonderful world of affirmations.
We are grateful to our beloved teacher, Catherine Ponder, for teaching us the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.
Thank you Shakti Gawain for guiding us to use the power of our imaginations to create what we want in our lives.
We are very grateful also for the phenomenal attorneys: Elizabeth Calvin at Human Rights Watch & Charles Carbone, a legacy
opening the way for lifers out. Thank you to all who support them.
We are joyfully grateful to our families for their support. Thank you to Adam’s friends who help him to survive every single day.
May all benefit as we expand & grow.
Adam y Dawnee


August 29, 2012
Happy Birthday 34!
Feliz Cumpleanos!

Adam is doing well & preparing for his “Change of Circumstance” application.
He sent me the paperwork form that he has received already! I sent it back to him yesterday with his Birthday Love Lettre. I had an exciting week preparing to celebrate Adam’s 34th. My parents, Betty & Bill Matejka, were here visiting us from Alberta. They signed one of his B’day cards.

I am so happy now that my eldest daughter, Aurora Blossom, is here from Mexico. All 3 of my daughters love & support Adam. Charis is busy parenting my 2 grandsons: Mazen & Parnell, 1 & 3. Jamara is compassionate & caring.
Adam & I are focused & clear that his freedom be received. We pray, affirm & creatively visualize that he is free now.
We believe in miracles. We are certain that he is worthy of his freedom.
We are so very thankful to all the parents & families of lifers who are working diligently to change the laws in Ca, & globally. Thank you to Elizabeth Calvin & Human Rights Watch for their unwavering dedication to transforming the fate of youth convicted to life in prison. We are so truly grateful for all these compassionate people.

We sent a Birthday drawing to Adam’s lovely niece, Elizabeth, who turned 9 August 19. He was deeply touched by her visit with him this year.
Our deepest gratitude to Danita, Gloria & Caressma for their active support of Adam.

Thank you to all the members of the Toltec Circle, & their families & ancestors, for their prayers & support.
Thank you to our dear & inspiring friends, Sarat & Anthony, for their wisdom & guidance.
Thank you to All That Is for giving Adam a clear pathway to create a new lifestyle now.

May all benefit.


July 22, 2012


Adam is feeling inspired by 2 of his best friends being released from warehousing at last.

They had been down 26 & 33 years. One is working as a counselor. The other gets to go home to his wife at last. She has devotedly come to visit him every visiting day for 15 years. Last year, the Governor of Ca denied him his freedom, after the Parole Board gave it to him. This year, he finally got out, 6 days after his promised release date.

He received a referral to an awesome attorney: Charles Carbone, who informed us that he can apply for a “Change Of Circumstances” in 3 years. He also has a jail-house lawyer who is helping him.

Adam is also very joyful to have a pet again. His vole was confiscated by the guards for the 3rd time, & she never returned as she did before. Once she was hiding under the bunk. Another time, her & 2 babies were found outside by the cleaners & miraculously returned to Turtle. He loved her so much & was griefstricken. Now he has a gopher girl. He loves playing with her & cuddling. He loves to have someone to come “home” to.

Adam is surviving working a split shift in the chow hall in 90-105 degrees. He survived a toxic grenade thrown close to him to stop a fight. Then he had to clean it up & all the chow that it destroyed.

He is full of love & gratitude, sending me 2 cards last week. We work together diligently with prayer, affirmations & creative visualizations to create the very best future for Adam now. We are studying & practicing Money Magic, as guided by Deborah Price. We are healing old patterns of self-denial.

We appreciate the support of the Toltec Circle. Their wisdom & guidance is a treasure.

We appreciate the new spiritual medicine that we are experiencing now, with a Peruvian Shaman.

We appreciate our Familia & friends.

We wish for miracle after miracle flowing to us now, as we let go & flow. . .




Summer Solstice Blessings.

Adam is doing amazingly well since the Ca Parole Board handed him 10 more years.

He opened up spiritually to receive the support of the wise brothers of the Toltec Circle. They gather every Sunday morning to create a safe sacred circle to pray in with white sage & copal smudges.

He is most joyfully receiving visits from his sister Danita & her youngest children, Elizabeth & Josiah. Thanks to Gloria & Caressma for carpooling.

He is studying stress management & recovery courses.

He is recovering from Bell’s Palsy, a hernia & a flu.

He is back at work at the chow hall for $.08/hr. Unfathomable how they can denigrate a person so cruelly.

He is very fortunate that he has a kind gentle positive cellie, Penguin.

Adam has grown immensely in the past 6 years that we have been connecting devotedly. His communication skills are excellent.

His art is bright & colorful, creative & Califo.

I am so thankful that he is an amazing survivor & willing to change. He has been diligently healing negative old patterns. He is also healing me–a wounded healer. We work to reclaim our wholeness by integrating our mind, emotions, sexuality, spirituality with our body. The healing practices that we focus on are: breathe awareness, exercise, diet, music, affirmations, prayer, & creative visualization.

We are both so very deeply grateful to experience our miraculous Love, since we both Love Love alot.

We are now praying for my way to be open & guided in the very best ways to visit Adam after the “Hot Season”.

We haven’t seen each other for 4.5 years. May all the miracles we need flow to us now.


3 Comments leave one →
  1. Mrs. Loya permalink
    January 27, 2013 5:05 am

    Hello its Mimi & Roman,
    Can you please call us about what we can do on our part? 559-367-9648.. We are here for you Dawn day or night and want to send you our love… Thank you for being a huge part of his life…

  2. Mrs. Loya permalink
    January 27, 2013 5:59 am

    Please get on to facebook under Free Adam Loya, lets show adam that no matter where he is we are always thinking and looking for ways to help set him free… Luv u 🙂 and please leave a comment with more info on him and his case… xoxo


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